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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Priorites, priorities

"Fears were raised that green energy concerns were prioritised ahead of safety as it emerged that cladding used to make the building more sustainable could have accelerated the fire."  This is from an article about the Glenfell Tower fire, by the UK Telegraph

One of the great things about sovereignty is that people cannot just sue you for every little catastrophic disaster.  The great thing about theoretical science is you are not responsible for anything significant enough to be sued for when you are off a touch.

About five people in Michigan are being indited for involuntary manslaughter for the spike in Legionnaire's at a hospital with water supplied by Flint, Michigan's water plant. 

Just for grins, imagine you are a politician that promoted renewable energy and you ignored on opinion by one advisor that mentioned a power outage could cause about 90 deaths and that your project increased the odds of a prolonged outage by 100% or so.  Small odds, but thanks to over hyping to get one's way, people use the 100% or double the chance, instead of providing actual probability and uncertainty.