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Friday, May 15, 2015

Always Question Your Data or Respect Murphy's Law

This aggravates the hell out of the minions of the Great and Powerful Carbon.  The primary law of the human part of the universe is Murphy's.  People screw up.  So with the typical irrational comments on Climate Etc. concerning CO2 and "closing" the Mass Balance, here  is a little illustration.

Here are two CO2 reconstruction from the Antarctic, the Vostok/dome C composite and the high resolution Law Dome.  The two agree very well over the common period, but the longer term Composite has an upward trend starting about in the middle of the Holocene.  ~20 ppmv over almost 7000 years isn't much, but it is interesting.

It is interesting because until mankind started burning demon coal it should have been a downward trend.  Now I have removed the industrial part of the Law Dome data because I want to focus on this pre-industrial period.

This super high quality and nothing but the finest science product from NASA indicates the peak Holocene temperature was about 7000 years ago, about the same time as the Composite CO2 trend shifted to positive.  This seems odd since the Great and Powerful Carbon should be driving temperature or at least following it.

Some suspect that this discrepancy is due to "natural" smoothing or diffusion of CO2 in the Antarctic ice and snow that creates the CO2 record.  That smoothing would reduce peaks/valley amplitude and shift the CO2 record so that it lags temperature.  Real scientists know that you should check to make sure there isn't bird shit on your radio telescope antenna and that you thermocouples are not self heating before you announce your unprecedented discoveries to the world, Murphy's Law.

This particular discrepancy may not amount to a hill of beans or it might be something.  It could be useful for say pointing out other scientists that might have bird shit in their methods.

 There are some young up and comers in the paleo ocean field we might want to check.

Nope, their work agree pretty well so no obvious bird shit there.

Heck,their work even agrees pretty well with some of the retro climate science.

Their work and the Law Dome CO2 record doesn't agree all that well with this guy's work though.  I suspect bird shit.

I think Murphy's Law has bitten someone in the butt.

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