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Sunday, April 15, 2012

More AQUA StuffA

AQUA satellite data is not a particularly long set and with the gaps it does have issues. The chart above AQUA ocean surface temperature for the length of the series is adjust to anomalies showing seasonal variation. When the sun is in the southern hemisphere, the ocean warms more and it cools more in the southern winter. Nothing shocking about that. There appears to be a slight downward trend, but not much. To compare years, I averaged each year of the series produce an "average" season, short record, not much significance in that, just something to look at.

As you can see in the first four years, "average" is not something we can expect very often. Each year has significant variations. I did at a mean value line so that general warming or cooling for the whole year versus "average" can be seen. 2006, is the year before the great Arctic Ice Melt. It was warmer than previous years, but not by much.

Following the great ice melt, things keep on keeping on. The temperature variations increased likely to the ENSO, but the range of change is within +.06 and -0.1 degrees. I may make more comparisons of other channels with the "averages". What would be interesting is a comparison with cloud fraction.

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