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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Greenhouse Effect Building Block Experiment

Lots of people have set up experiments to prove or disprove the greenhouse effect. The fact is there is a greenhouse effect or atmospheric effect on surface temperature. I recommended an experiment a while back that no one has taken me up on.

It is really pretty simple. Stackable plastic cylinders with IR transparent faces and football type valves for adjusting gas composition and inserting thermal probes. If you want to spend big money, Pete's Plugs are sized for larger diameter probes and have a convenient caps to reduce leakage.

The concept is simple, build a number of test cylinders and test away. You can use three or more cylinders with various concentrations and temperature differentials. Change the order and retest. Amaze your friends! Prove to the world that the "greenhouse effect" does exist.

Actually, this is really not a bad test assembly. You can use a water bath as a source and an ice bath as a sink to test real world temperature ranges. Use LED light sources to adjust simulated solar visual spectrum forcing. Since all of the clear faces would have the same R values and refraction index, just changing the sequence of cylinders would correct for minor variations. Test with insulation and without. Be careful though, some layers might respond differently than you think :)

Oh, put your results online like a real climate scientist should.

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