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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Joshua and Perception of Bias

Joshua is a frequent commenter on various climate blogs whose main concern appears to be political motivation of attitudes of the denizens of the climate change debate. On my last post he points out the some of my comments to be more politically motivated that I consider myself to be.

I consider myself to be centrist and a strong contraian. So the appearance of my political allegiance would change as required to balance the over confidence in ideology. No one is perfect, once a group starts thinking with CONFIDENCE, they have perfect solutions, that is when it is time to worry, in my view.

I started building my Bullshit detector some time ago, and the single largest bullshit flag is over confidence. The bullshit detector is long and will forever be incomplete, because bullshit seems to be a living thing - adapting to changing times.

It is pretty easy to recognize bullshit.

Out of Context rhetoric. Dr. Eric Steig has an opinion on being taken out of context. Which on closer inspection...

Kill the messenger: Wrong doing like plagiarism is bad. You can't trust the results of a report that plagiarized any thing. Everything has to be properly attributed to the source. I agree to a point. I just recognize that people do make mistakes. The measure is owning up to them.

Since my more recent interests are science related, Joshua perceives me to be conservative, possibly ultra conservative. I am just following the bullshit.

So are some others. Watch the pea may be more politically correct than follow the bullshit.

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