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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How's That Choice of a Temperature Inversion as a Frame of Reference working for You?

Dr. Kimoto is paying the Black Board a visit. I am of course not allowed to plays, though, Lucia did give me a token crackpot thread to play in :)

Dr. Kimoto is having the same issues as I with people basically asking why he doesn't first start his explaination by disproving perpetual motion. Instead of listening and using a reasonable frame of reference, the gang is still in metaphysicial world wondering why they have trouble understanding.

With great personal scarifice, I spend full minutes constructing this high quality graphic of the individual energy fluxes from the surface to illustrate the atmospheric effect and its counter balancing energies.

After pausing to catch my breath, I modified the first drawing to should the combined atmospheric effect and counter balancing energy. It was draining and something I do not recommend you try at home without adult supervision or refreshments.

By asswuming that an undetermined varying value is a "proper" thermodynamic frame of reference, climate science has entered bizzarro world. Stay tuned.

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