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Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'm a Little Photon Short and Stout

While Vice Admiral Lucia ponders what possible role thermodynamics might possibly have in the most complex fluid dynamics problem ever posed, I am watching my Gators not lose as quickly as normal to the dreaded Georgia Bulldogs. Losing to UGA sucks!. They are just as redneck as I am and love to rub it in. The little photon ditty popped into my head on a fourth and 19 touchdown pass that caused a UGA groan I heard all the way down here in the Keys.

If I were a photon, would it matter where I am? It certainly would matter to the Gator photon. If he were at the top of the troposphere he would look down and see all kinds ugly UGA water vapor molecules wanting to kick his butt. Being a tough Gator photon, I am sure he would do his best to kick some Dawg butt, but you have to be realistic if you want to remain a good Gator photon. Discretion being the better part of valor and all. The Gator photon would juke left and juke right all the while knowing dropping back to regroup is the better option. It ain't easy for a good Gator photon to get back to the surface.

Some Gator photons, much like myself, may just bash into a UGA molecule just to get him hot under the collar. That may make him jump offsides then the rest of the Gator Photons could kick butt. Those UGA molecules would start upper level convecting all over themselves and forget they are suppose to be defending the dry adiatic lapse rate line. Now tugging on the DALR line from up top is not as effective as pushing from below. But the Gator photons will have to wait until halftime so they can defend the DALR line.

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