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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Silly Quotes

Stolen from somebody:

Redneck Philosophy. "I have been doin' so much, with so little. for so long, I can do dang near anything with nothin'!"

"People like to feed their pet theories. I don't keep pets, they tend to die on ya'."

"Einstein said the Universe is simple. He was a friggin' genius though."

"I would rather not do complicated, let's keep it simple stupid!"

"The puzzle is only finished when all the pieces fit without using the hammer."

"Smart folks can be dumb too!"

"I never metaphysics I didn't like, some just are more fun and actually work."

Keys teeshirt: "Down of vacation, back on probation."

These may be original, "K&T attempted to do an Energy Imbalance, and succeeded."

"Non-Ergodic systems aren't really chaotic, they are just misunderstood."

"The more horsepower you have, the more trouble you can get into. That's redneck for entropy."

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