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Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Amazing Case of Back Radiations

The Science of Doom is one of the better climate science blogs. The post are a good compromise between readable and technical. You should pay them a few hundred visits. One of their posts, "The Amazing Case of Back Radiation" (part I and II) is an attempt to reconcile the second law of thermodynamics with climate science. There is no need to reinvent the physics of the second law. One thing missing is that there is more to radiation than thermodynamics.

While pondering my 100K conundrum, it is becoming obvious that magnetic and electrical fields need to be considered at temperatures below 200K, with 184K range fairly interesting. Thermal and non-thermal radiant effect cross over in this region causing all sorts of weird and wondrous things to be possible.

One problem with The Science of Doom is they tend to defend instead of investigate. Science is about learning and teaching, they seem to be stuck in teaching mode, or defending ideology. That is a job for preachers and politicians, not scientists.

Just imagine what Max Planck would do with all the modern telemetry. You think he would defend his theories or cream his jeans (or tweed, or whatever he wore) and run around like a kid in a candy store? He would be going ape shit!

So I have absolutely no respect for teachers unwilling to learn. This world is our scientific oyster, let's shuck that baby!

BTW, While it is hard to determine what relationship is most significant, the Crookes Radiometer operates on a principal that can be analogous. The Tropopause and 2nd Law From and Energy Perspective is consistent with the interaction of thermal and non thermal flux impact in the Tropopause and Antarctic. On a planetary scale, the energy is significant, whether DWLR versus magnetic could be used commercially is questionable, but Piezoelectric radiant conversion may be viable. Just musing on implications.

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