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Monday, November 14, 2011

Completely Missed in the Climate Models!

I had to laugh this morning. Watt's up With That has a link to a article on pollution and climate. It has this great quote in it,

According to climate scientist Steve Ghan of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, “This work confirms what previous cloud modeling studies had suggested, that although clouds are influenced by many factors, increasing aerosols enhance the variability of precipitation, suppressing it when precipitation is light and intensifying it when it is strong. This complex influence is completely missing from climate models, casting doubt on their ability to simulate the response of precipitation to changes in aerosol pollution.”

Why is this "complex influence completely missed...?" Because the model don't consider the latent shift boundary layer. The model don't do very well considering any of the boundary layers. Thermodynamically, the models sucks.

That is why I am doing the Building a Better Model, post. Of course that processes starts at the very basic of the basics, emissivity.

The reason I used temperatures to calculate emissivity is to verify that while there can be perfect black bodies, there can never be a perfect black body emission. Why? Because there is nothing perfect in the universe, even space has a temperature. That means that there will never be perfect transmission of energy and that power series calculations that "prove" the value of down welling longwave radiation are wrong. period. end of conversation. They are wrong. Get over it.

Model are imperfect and more than just imperfect when they assume perfection, they are wrong. The temperature of the tropopause will prove that the radiant impact of the atmosphere cannot be greater than the TOA outgoing long wave radiation. Is that simple enough for you?

Oh, never mind. I keep forgetting that liberal arts majors are the new physicists.

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