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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Don't Forget Land Use

“It turns out that land-use changes, right up to about 1950 or even 1970, were as large a player as fossil-fuel emissions were,” he says. “And even today they are not trivial.”, imagine that? Actually, those land use changes, since they are amplified by the greenhouse effect, are more than just not trivial, they are a pretty big deal. It is a lot easier to use agriculture to mitigate warming than it is to do wacky things in the air.

Speaking of wacky things in the air, the first natural compound every synthesized was urea. A common compound in urine and fertilizer. Urea contains a good deal of energy. A good bit of that energy is the hydrogen molecules and the CO party of the chain. So urea can be used to store energy and can be used in fuel cells. It can also be converted into liquid fuels. Since Urea production gets its CO and nitrogen from the air in most processes, it would be considered a sustainable or green energy component. It is normally produced with natural gas, but integrated gasification starting with coal or biomass by creating "syngas" or methane, can also be used.

Now, once the science guys verify that the Antarctic was cooling like the satellite data says, not the surface station data says, things will be moving along swimmingly. Crisis averted, bring on the next crisis.

My biggest question is how are the doom sayers going to save face? They did work extremely hard to scare the hell out of everyone. Tried to promote an idiotic one world government and all that. Will they still have jobs?

Time will tell.

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