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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Plain Vanilla Troposphere

With all the confusion of what data set is accurate and what isn't accurate, it looks like I will go with plain vanilla for a while.  Plain Vanilla is the satellite troposphere temperature.  Not the lower troposphere or the mid-troposphere, just the troposphere.  Above is the comparison of the RSS and UAH USA "Plain Vanilla" troposphere.  That would be lower troposphere plus mid troposphere divided by two.  A simple average.

The yellow linear regression is 0.0014C per year of 0.01C per decade difference in the trends of the two products.  I can live with that.  The blue linear regression is 0.0168C per year or 0.168C per decade.  That is the rate the USA Plain Vanilla Troposphere has been warming since 1980.

That is a little higher than the 0.155C per decade that Anthony Watts gets with the new high quality surface stations.  Again, it is close enough for government work in my opinion.

Those are Plain Vanilla global.  The first start in 1995 and shows how RSS and UAH are starting to diverge which may have something to do with the AQUA satellite which is not suppose to drift in orbit significantly.

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