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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Shaken or Stirred

The first three "real" laws of Thermodynamics are KISS, FOR and ASSUME.  I am using a pair Marquis by Waterford (TM) Martini pitchers with the classic glass stirrers for the KISS law to try yet again to explain the FOR law.

If both pitchers have the same volume of Vodka at the same temperature and both are stirred at the same rate, the "average" temperature of each pitcher will change at the same rate and approach the same temperature.  That temperature depends on the Surface of Reference and the thermodynamic conditions that apply to each potential cocktail. 

If the orientation of the Marquis by Waterford (TM) pitchers makes a difference, I should consider that difference.  In this case the potential cocktails might spill out so unless there is a glass below, there will be loss of precision potential beverage.  Stirring after the beverage is lost doesn't do much good. 

ASSUMING there is actually something in the pitchers, how well the the stirrers are used determines some part of how efficiently and quickly the beverages are ready to serve.  In case you are a Bond fan, you can shake the pitchers instead of stirring. 

Using a common frame of reference (FOR), Keeps the Problem Simple Stupid (KISS) so there is less chance of you making an ass out of you or me (ASSUME). 

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