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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Don't Start Thermodynamic Problems with Telescope Observations

Again, the three real laws of Thermodynamics are KISS, ASSUME and FRAME OF REFERENCE. Long range observations make piss poor frames of reference.
My new and improved butt crack atmospheric profile provides a fine example why.  The Stratopause level of the atmosphere has a temperature of zero C which would have an energy flux density of 316Wm-2.  Notice that layer is the hips or widest point in the upper atmosphere portion of the profile.  Near the surface, there is another 0C-316Wm-2 layer.  That layer is not stable.  It varies constantly with seasons.  In between the two is the Turbopause with a temperature of roughly -60C degrees that also varies with season.  Below the Tropopause is the Troposphere or "weather" zone of the atmosphere.  There are no, as in zero, 255K (-18C) stable layers in the atmosphere.  It is a figment of telescope jockeys imaginations. 

Above the Stratopause there is the Mesosphere and the Turbopause which have minimum temperatures of approximately 184K (-89.2C) with a flux density of 65 Wm-2.  316Wm-2 minus 65 Wm-2 equals 251Wm-2 or approximately 258K degrees.  With a telescope you have no positive proof of what "surface" you are seeing.  You can base an entire career on optical phantoms.  The Faint Young Sun Paradox, the Low Gradient Paradox  and 33C no greenhouse gas Earth are products of Phantom chasing.

33C Earth ASSUMES, there is a real 255K layer and no greenhouse gases.  The temperature in the Stratosphere and Stratopause is due to both solar absorption in the upper atmosphere which produces Ozone, a greenhouse gas, and absorption of outgoing surface energy by that Ozone.  You cannot have a no greenhouse gas Earth if there is oxygen in the atmosphere that can be converted to Ozone by high energy solar irradiation.  The actual surface of the Earth is mainly salt water.  That salt water produces the clouds that provide the majority of the reflection of solar radiation.  The clouds are a response to solar warming not a fixed number or painted on a child's snow globe.  The probability of there being solid ice at the equator with no clouds is so close to zero it is ridiculous.  If there is open water at the equator, the solar absorption of that liquid surface a local solar noon will be on the order of 99.999%.  A portion of that absorbed solar energy will penetrate to depths of up to 200 meters.  The thermal conductivity of salt water at 30g/kg is ~24 times greater than the thermal conductivity of dry air.  The oceans will gain more energy than they lose and that energy will advect poleward.  With warming liquid oceans there will be water vapor transferred to the atmosphere.  Water vapor is also a greenhouse gas.  The "average" condensation temperature of water vapor is 0C degrees or 316Wm-2, just like the Stratopause.  Imagine that?

So the next time some telescope jockey tries to explain Climate Change to you with the 33C "discrepancy", show him your butt crack atmosphere profile.

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