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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Tropical Atlantic SST Reconstruction

The Atlantic is a bit of a paleo problem child.  Herbert et al. 2010 gave it a shot but have about a 600 k year gap starting around 400ka ago.  There are some of the same issues with dating it appears so I have bit the bullet and gone with a shorter reconstruction based on Nuemberg et al. 2000 and Reuhlemann et al, 2007.

Same basic deal, I used the Ruehlemann et al. 2006 which is in the eastern Atlantic with upwelling issues for a minimum of sorts and the Reuhlemann et al. 2000 western Atlantic as the peak estimate.  That average is the4 reconstruction I will use and the other two provide error margins or sorts.  Notice we still have the roughly 28C limit as with the South China Sea reconstruction.  Unfortunately, the Atlantic is a shorter reconstruction until someone fills in the gaps.

For what little Atlantic reconstruction there is, it is pretty much in line with the South China Sea.   I didn't include the error ranges for this so it it easier to read, but there is that pesky +/- 1.5 C or so to deal with.   Next up will be the Indian Ocean/Arabian Sea.

All of the data sets I used are at NCDC NOAA paleo.

oops forgot the comparison to Berger's solar.

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