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Friday, September 21, 2012

Back to the Simple Model

The Eastern Tropical Atlantic and Pacific bottom water temperatures for the Quaternary period are plotted above with my less than stellar but adequate for now estimate of average tropical ocean sea surface temperature using the Herbert et al. tropical Atlantic, Eastern Pacific, Arabian Sea and South China Sea reconstructions.  I only use the first 200 k years of the tropical SST average since that is enough for now.

The reason I wanted a tropical SST average was to compare with the tropical bottom water temperatures.  My little model indicated that the average range of SST was limited to roughly +/- 2 C degrees and that the abysmal depths temperatures limited to roughly +/- 1.5 C by the freezing point temperatures of salt and fresh water.

That is enough validation for me that the basic model will work, now I just need to Tom Sawyer someone into helping with all the heavy lifting required to put it together.


For the curious:

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