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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ocean Heat Content versus Stratospheric Temperatures

Since the world's oceans are the black body source and the Stratosphere is near the effective gray body "shell" it only make sense that the Stratospheric temperatures would make a good proxy for ocean heat content.  The Stratospheric temperature change is inversely proportional though, so in the chart above i have inverted the 25 month moving average of the UAH NH and SH Ocean stratospheric temperature series.  The 0-700 meters ocean heat content (OHC) in 10^22 Joule units is from NOAA National Oceanographic Data Center.  I just tweaked the Open Office scaling a touch to over lay the two sets of data.  The fit is not perfect, then the OHC data is pieced together for most of the time period.

I guess I could try to be more precise, but since there is quite a bit of uncertainty in both sets, that would likely be a waste of time.  As general fits go, this is good enough to amaze your geeky friends

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