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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Volcanic Aerosol Imbalance? Whoda Thunk it!

My using reconstructed Solar TSI as a general orbital forcing reference reveal a few oddities that I didn't expect.  Ocean you get back to the earliest instrumental data, solar and volcanic forcing were just a little bit to close together for comfort.  So with a quick search, Crowley et al. 2013 came to the rescue.  They have a new 1200 year volcanic reconstruction by hemisphere.  There ya go.  That orientation is in Norther Hemisphere cooling is the negative region.  I haven't worked out the scaling yet, but that will make a lot of changes in my current mind set on responses to forcing.  Here is the link to the Crowley et al 2013 data on the National Climatic Data Center website.

As you can see here, the 1750 to 1900 section was a bit out of synch with what should be reality.  Now I get to start all over on the less than ideal aka "sub-optimal" volcanic aerosol reconstruction used by BEST. 

 In addition to the hemisphere imbalance there is also that circa 1243-1255 volcanic "GLOBAL" Little Ice Age trigger. 

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