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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

CO2 as a Climate Change Tracer Gas - EPICA scaled CO2

The EPICA Dome C CO2 data from the Antarctic Ice Cores Nature, Vol. 453, pp.79-382, 15 May 2008.(doi:10.1038/nature06949) are a well known standard in climate science.  In order to make them a more versitile standard, I have created a scaled version using the Bintanja, R. and R.S.W. van de Wal. 2011 (BW) (doi:10.1038/nature07158 ). Global 3Ma Temperature, Sea Level, and Ice Volume Reconstructions. deep ocean temperature (Tdo).

The CO2 data is scale by using the average, 239.1 ppmv for the past 100 k years and subtracting to obtain an anomaly.  Then the data is divided by 30 to scale to the Tdo curve and 1.25 is subtracted to match the relative temperature of "today" used by BW.

This chart shows the fit of the scale EPICA CO2 data to the BW Tdo.
This chart shows the fit to the Martinez-Garcia et al 2010 sub-Antarctic temperature reconstruction(OPD1090) and Tropical Eastern Pacific (OPD846) from Herbert et al. 2010.  Since I will be using this "standard" version of EPICA CO2, this post is provided for reference.

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