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Monday, October 15, 2012

How Would You Predict the Future?

The one truism about trends it that by the time you know one exits, it is too late to do you any good.

There are tricks to help locate trends.  This is "normalized" data for GISS LOTI regional.  Normalizing, or dividing the average (not RMS) by the standard deviation in this case, lets you compare the fluctuations of different data sets.  The green curve, 44S to 64S (legend should read 44-64S)  does not vary as much as the other data it is compared withIt has roughly the same "trend" but less variation.

This is the Green 44S-64S with Global, Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere data, no "normalization" this time.  The Green Curve is almost 100% ocean.  The Blue is about 70% ocean.  The Yellow is about 76% ocean.  The Red is about 35% ocean.  If you where thinking about predicting changes in the oceans, which would you use to predict the future?

Hint:  What is the color of money?

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